A small front porch in a corner among the ‘ calli’ is the entrance of this large tavern, where Mr. Marco and Giorgio , the owners ,entertain their customers serving ‘ombra’ ( glass of wine) and typical venetian ‘cicheti’with good quality and at affordable price .At the weekend we can find mainly fried food as meatballs, olives, octopus, meanwhile on the other days you can find octopus salad,’ sarde in saor’, codfish in butter, and a wide choice of sandwiches, grilled cuttlefish,and much more.

Also here are available some local typical dishes that you can eat inside or along the ‘calle’ that is back the tavern, but the heart of the’ bacaro’ is the counter desk where many local people stop to enjoy a ‘ombra’

( glass of wine) and speak about the main events of the day.

  • San Polo 692
    Ruga vecchia San Giovanni

  • 041 5211243

  • www.osteriarugarialto.com

  • opening time:
    10,30 am – 02,30pm
    06,00 pm  – 11,00 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00 €