private BàcaroTour with Guide

In addition to downloadable PDF tours, we can personally accompany you to experience the experience of a real BacaroTour.

If you are a group of at least 8/10 people  we can accompany you to discover the most authentic bàcari, and of that Venice that usually escapes the eyes of the hasty tourist or concentrated only on museums and themed exhibitions. Between a bacaro and the other, between a glass of wine and a cicchetto (typical food), you will see the real Venice, the one that resists the mass tourism machine, telling you anecdotes and curiosities about Venetian life and history.

A light excursion, to float with thoughts on the waters of the lagoon, to get to experience the feeling of being at home in this city that has always been a crossroads of different peoples and cultures.

Duration: 3 hours

with tourist guide

Bàcari: minimun 3

Price: from €. 45,00 per person

Contatti: [email protected]

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BacaroTour Venezia
BacaroTour Venezia
BacaroTour Venezia
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