What is a “Bacaro Tour”

In Venice , it is said “andar par ombre” where obviously ‘ombre’ means glasses of wine.

A sort of alcoholic nomadism between one bàcaro to another, avoiding the other type of night entertaitments, or those which for price and tipology of activity, don’t respect the typical features of ‘bacaro’.

All students and old people, meet there for speaking and drinking, So ‘bacaro’becomes a place where everyone can find out the peace of soul.

During the winter-time, all people, who enter, in a “ Bacaro “ shake their hands, and immediately are caught by the warm and familiar atmosphere of this place. Outdoor stays the fog or so called (caigo) and you have to put on heavy clothes. During the summer- time the windows are all opened and sometimes there are also small gardens, where under a peaceful swadow you can have a rest, drinking something a relax yourself in a nice atmosphere. On the table threre are the the unmissable “graffito”, small circles made by glasses over the time.

Everyone has a personal approach to ‘bàcari’, it depends on the own mood or on the weather.Sometimes we can walk fast from a ‘bacaro’ to another or sometimes we can stop just in only one for all the night long but the most important thing is to find out the correct one, in tune with our soul.

The correct approach to enter in a “Baccaro” is for eating and drinking and therefore to partecipate to this Venetian ritual that can offers unexpected surprise, as each “Bacaro” has its own special customer, and in Venice you can meet “the world”. The most import rule is not to be in the hurry.

Sometimes the turists eat appetizers or better known as “cicheti”, and so have the first contact with the local people, in fact “ Bacaro” is a meeting point when you can also drink and eat or just only take some glasses of wine ,better know as’ombre’ with your best friends.

The so called “andar par ombre” is not just a savage alcoholic tour, as someone may think, but it is very different and becomes a special moment where the human soul can shows its own truth. In front of a glass of wine is quite easy to forget who we are, our country of origin, our social status, all aspects of our live turn out more easy to handle, we can become more patient and ready to listen to other intimacy or gag.

Every occasion is good for inviting a friend into a “Bacaro” because the “ombra”, can gives a smile and can recreate a special place for the accomplish intimacy and you sometimes can do business. It becomes a ritual group but “open” as the number of entrants can grow up in base of how many people can pay; and where the word ‘bere a “giro”, means to drink and pay in a turn, inside an open and free community of friends.

If the group of friends is nice and the conversation is interesting, the “ bacaro tour” can be extended to another different “ bacaro’ so all friends still can enjoy the conversation also along the way to get into it.