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2019-03-11T23:37:40+00:00Santa Croce's|

This is the most authentic ‘bacaro’ of Venice. Thanks to Mrs. Luigina and her son Mr. Franco, this ‘bararo’ is run by this family carefully and with a special attention to the customer’s [...]

ai Bisatei (la Perla)


‘Poetry of past time’. This’ bacaro ’is in a secluted ‘ campiello’ where the noise of the turism can’t arrive and this tavern keeps the tradition with the everyday live of the island and [...]

ai Cacciatori


It is a lively tavern placed along ‘ fondamenta dei Vetrai ‘ featured by a large room that welcomes you with a display full of tasty food as meatballs, sandwiches, fried morrazella cheese; that [...]

Vecio Trani


In Venice there is just one street that has not  the name ‘ calle’ and it is in ‘ via  Garibaldi ‘ and it isn in ‘sestieri di Castello’. Along this nice and lively [...]

alla Rampa


We are in’ Castello’, one of the most authentic ‘sestieri’ of Venice, here we can find ‘ Rampa’ an interesting ‘ bacaro’ where the usual customers are local people that appreciate the management that [...]

a la Scuela


We are in the centre of ‘Sestiere di Castello’, where you can still see a piece of true Venice that lives normally the huge amount of turists and where also you can find some [...]

Rosticeria Gislon

2020-10-20T07:49:52+00:00San Marco's|

This ‘ bacaro’ is well known for its special mozzarella cheese with ham or herring. It is said to be one of the best one in Venice. Also it is a classic meeting point [...]

al Volto

2018-09-13T10:11:33+00:00San Marco's|

This is a ‘ bacaro’ with a rustic furniture with a friendly atmosphere and it is placed in a quiet ‘ calle’ where also you can find some seats available. Beside the wine of [...]

Bacaro da Fiore

2019-03-11T11:40:36+00:00San Marco's|

This tavern has two souls: ‘bacaro ‘ and small restaurant, both normally crowded for satisfying the customer’s request. Please be careful : do not confused it with the the near restaurant that has [...]

Al Squero


This ‘Bacaro ‘ is really fascinating. It is placed just in front of one of the last ‘ squeri’ (shipyard) and thanks to its strategial position it can offer a great view on [...]

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