This is a ‘ bacaro’ with a rustic furniture with a friendly atmosphere and it is placed in a quiet ‘ calle’ where also you can find some seats available.

Beside the wine of the house we can find also other type of wine and two display windows full of tasty food.

One is for hot dishes as small squids and vegetable to be eaten at lunch time and the other one is full of appetizers also for take-away like tasty sandwiches, fried squid, skewers of potatoes and olive , bread with codfish in butter and may other big sandwiches for who is always in the hurry.

It is the right place for spending some time during the foggy days ( caigo- as in local slang-) and you can imagine to be in an ancient galleon.

  • San Marco 4081
    calle Cavalli

  • 041 5228945


  • opening time:
    10,00 am  – 04,00 pm
    06,00pm  – 10,00 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00€