This tavern has two souls: ‘bacaro ‘ and small restaurant, both normally crowded for satisfying the customer’s request. Please be careful : do not confused it with the the near restaurant that has the same name , meanwhile the original ‘ bacaro ‘ is on a ‘calle ‘ near to ‘Campo Santo Stefano’ where you still today find shoe shops, shops with artistic grasses and ancient prints.

The owner is Mr Marco, that has many customers that appreciate the fresh appetizers as fresh fried fish,

( cuttlefish,shrimps, herrigs) but also grilled cuttlefish ( better know as sèpe roste) or small octopus ( polipetti) with celery, or ‘ sarde in saor’ or codfish in butter and also meatballs and sausages, and also spleen with onion.

At aperitiv time the are many people there and it is quite easy meet some new friends.

  • San Marco 3461
    calle de le Botteghe

  • 041 5235310


  • Opening time:
    09,00 am -10,30 pm
    Tuesday closed

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00€