We are in’ Castello’, one of the most authentic ‘sestieri’ of Venice, here we can find ‘ Rampa’ an interesting ‘ bacaro’ where the usual customers are local people that appreciate the management that is a tradition over the time.

The owner is Mr. Tiziano, we can order to him the wine of the house along with some tasty appetizers and we can also enjoy the authentic view of a true corner of Venetian life that is far away from the other mainly turistic taverns.

Inside there is a curious mix of furniture as raised fridge in case of high tide, and some colourful tables , but there are not seats available so during the sunny days you can stay outside on the benches well positioned in shadow near to ‘campo Bandiera e Moro’

  • Castello 36070
    Salizada San Antonin

  • alla rampa (da Tiziano)

  • Opening time:
    from Monday to Saturday
    07,00 am -o8.00 pm
    Sunday closed

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00 €