This is an authentic and historical ‘tavern’ near ‘campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo. In the morning the usual customers, that are mostly local peope, join them here to have a break with a ‘ cicheto’ or with an ‘ombra’ (glass of wine) chatting over their personal live and simply enjoying this moment of the day .

There a frindly atmosphere that seems to be at our granparent’s house with rustic forniture and a lot of pictures on walls. It is the ideal place for having a lunch break. It is better to go there during the day as in the evening the people who have dinner normally are served first.

In the display window there are a lot of meatballs, octopus and eggplant, codfish and fried squids or ‘ sarde in saor’, fried mozzarella cheese with anchioves….all to eat drinking with a good ‘ombra’ (glass of wine)or white Tocai wine…. To have fun !!!

  • Cannaregio 5401
    calle larga Giacinto Gallina

  • 041 5238153


  • opening time:
    10,30 am – 03,00 pm
    06,30 pm – 11,00 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 0,80€