Walking along the chaotic ’ Rio terà San Leonardo’, you may be caught by this tavern and its wooden barrels placed outside. It is placed at the beginning in a ’ calletta’ on the side of the main street, in good position for enjoying a secluted break without losing yourself in the labyritine streets of Venice.

As soon as you enter into this tavern your attention will be caught by the large counter full of sandwiches filled with cheese, fried mozzarella cheese, and also meatballs, squids and courgette flowers, fried anchovies, or pork with ‘polenta’ and some typical Venetian plates.

In the right corner you can find usually local people that are speaking with the bar- tender, meanwhile on the left side you can find some tables outside, where normally you can find some turists or some ladies with their children.

As many taverns placed in the more turistic are, also this ‘ bacaro’ is more commercial than others, and furthermore prices may grow up if you are sat a the table.

  • Cannaregio 1814/c
    rio terà San Leonardo

  • 041 5240453

  • www.docolonne.it

  • opening time:
    10.00 am-09.30 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00 €