This ‘Bacaro ‘ is really fascinating. It is placed just in front of one of the last ‘ squeri’ (shipyard) and thanks to its strategial position it can offer a great view on the ‘ gondole’ under construction.

It is tiny but friendly, there are some seats inside, the price are clear and the counter desk is always full of specialities : sandwiches , special bread with herring, butter with onion or tune and caramelized onion, truffle patè with ham or creamy cheese , read radish with walnuts and much more.

But you can find find the classic ‘ cicheti’ as ‘ sarde in saor’ or codfish with butter or stuffed as in a typical recipe that comes from Vicenza or you can also taste snapper in butter.

During the sunny days it is a pleasure taking a plate with some appetizers and go ousite near the external wall along the canal ad eat there in the open air.

  • Dorsoduro 943
    fondamenta dei Nani

  • 041 2960479


  • Opening time:
    11,00  am –  09,30 pm
    05,00 pm to 09,30 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 2,00€
    from bottle