This ‘Bacaro’ is quite alternative as it is a place where fantasy, party, anarchy, freedom and music are mixed together.

It has been precursor of a style not only in furnishing that reminds the hold of a ship with long tables, where is possible to eat next to other customers, and it is full of life: a place that during the first years of 1980, there were the first jazz concerts, and there were a lot of artists and musicians that played here on the stage, where still now there is a Yamaya grand piano.

The owner is the histrionic Mr. Maurizio, that runs this tavern carefully, as the times are changing and it is going towards a more commercial management.

It is maily a restaurant but you can also find a lot of ‘ chicchetti’ at the counter desk and the best tables are along the canals, here during the summer time, you can taste fresh fried fish, meatballs or codfish, and many other specialities, and abvioulsy with a glass of wine of the house.

The lively atmosphere of this tavern has affected all the surroundings, so today is one of the most popular place with an intense nightlife in Venice .

On Mondays there are live concerts with famous songs

  • Cannaregio 2540
    fondamenta della Misericordia

  • 041 720581

  • Opening time:
    from Thrusday to Monday
    11,00 am – 12,00 pm
    closed tuesday and Wednesday
    July and August open only in the evening

  • price of the Ombra: 2,00 €