Love Bacaro Tour Venezia

This is tiny and has opened recenty but it is carefully managed and with a friendly atmosphere.

We can find this nice ‘ bacaro’ along the ‘calle Crosera’ once getting down from the Vivanti Bridge in ‘ Rio de San Pantalon’. It i salso possible enter from the canal by boat in order to enjoy a special view . Mr Francesco and Davide, the owners, are kind an well prepared, after having spent may years preparing ‘ chicheti’ now the run this new tavern with passion. They offer good quality of wine along with some sandwiches or trays with different type of ham and salami, or original cheese, along with fresh vegetable coming from the islands nearby.

All foods is fresh and there is also a corner for reading with a lot of books of history, traditions, and reagarding popular stories of Venice for better understand the magic touch of this city.

  • Dorsoduro 3771
    ponte Vinanti

  • 041 4764322

  • opening time:
    fron Tuesday from Sunday
    10.00 am  – 10,00 pm
    05,00 pm-  10,00 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00€