It was born in 1944, and it is a compulsory break and with a consolidated fame. You can find here different type of customers from the local people, to the students or workers at lunch time or some turists that can arrive thanks a good guidebook, in this ‘ fondamenta’ where you can discover interesting places to visit.

Mrs. Alessandra, mum and their children, are the owners, who run this ‘ bacaro’ carefully and they prepare a lot ot ‘ chicheti’ that you can find in the display window like : tuna with red radish, tuna and leek, pumpkin with ricotta cheese, or special ingredients as flowers with chocolate and, for sure, you can also find the classic codfish with ‘polenta’ or herrings and a wide choice of ham and cheese.

At the weekend you may find a lot of peole that stay also the near ‘ rio di San Trovaso’ and the service may be affected.

This ‘ bacaro’ is also a wine bar and the wall are covered with shelves full of bottles, also for the celebrations and for every occasion. The astmosphere offers feelings that you will remember over time.

  • Dorsoduro 992
    ponte San Trovaso

  • 041 5230034


  • Opening time:
    fron Monday to Saturday
    8,30 am –  08,30 pm
    Sunday closed

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00€