Al Squero


This ‘Bacaro ‘ is really fascinating. It is placed just in front of one of the last ‘ squeri’ (shipyard) and thanks to its strategial position it can offer a great view on [...]

da Codroma


This is a nice’ bacaro’ with a rich historical background and special forniture, with nice wooden tables and walls covered by wood and it is quite large. The best table is near the window, [...]

al Bocon DiVino


Campo Santa Margherita’ has become today the favourite place for students for speding alcocholic evenings and unfortunatly the most part of taverns nowadays offer just only this, without remembering the rich history of the [...]

Adriatico Mar


This is tiny and has opened recenty but it is carefully managed and with a friendly atmosphere. We can find this nice ‘ bacaro’ along the ‘calle Crosera’ once getting down from the [...]

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