It is a new and nice ‘bacaro’ and its name means ‘ make laughing’. Going around in ‘Santa Croce ‘ area you can find this tavern better know aslo as’ chicheteria venexiana’ that is an important meeting place both for local people and turists.

The forniture is new and minimal with a lof of wood and and one wall is covered by photos or paintings.

Behind the counter desk, ther is Mr Alessandro, who serves meatballs, tuna and vegetable, sandwiches with pork from Ariccia or some special cheese.

There is also nice music and the ‘ ombra of the house’ ( glass of wine ) is cheap.

  • Santa Croce 1908
    salisada San Stae

  • opening time:
    07.00 am -08.00 pm
    closed Sunday and Wednesday afternoom

  • 347 0006415

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00 €