Some time ago where there was a’ biavarol ‘(grocer’s), was opened a tavern that has kept the same name and the same historical display-window on the counter where you can find a wide range of diffrent type of hams and cheese, and you can try them in tasty sandwiches. Mr Andrea, aslo called’ Puppa’(nickname)is the owner, a lively guy who runs this tavern with a classic style with typical ‘ ombre and’ cicchetti’ but he also offers aperitiv like spritz, and live music for the youngest.

His speciality is a piece of bread with special ham’ parma ham’ and cheese with horseradish, but you can also find meatballs, special codfish and a wide range of hams that came from Tuscany or Calabria and other specialities from Spain.

Sometimes it may be overcrowded and you have to wait for a queue in front of the counter but, then you can relax yourself outside, where there are useful holders for glasses and trays.

Please take note that the toilete is not available.

  • Santa Croce 225,
    fondamenta dei Tolentini
  • 041 5225615
  • opening time:
    from Monday to Thursday
    11.00 am -02.30 pm
    05.30 pm -21.30 pm
    10,00 am -02.30pm
    05.30 pm -22.00 pm
    11.00 am -02.30 pm
    05.30 pm – 10.00 pm
    10.00 am -02.30 pm
    05.30 pm -09.00 pm

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00€