Love Bacaro Tour Venezia

This is the most authentic ‘bacaro’ of Venice.

Thanks to Mrs. Luigina and her son Mr. Franco, this ‘bararo’ is run by this family carefully and with a special attention to the customer’s request that seems to be more into a family rather than into a tavern.

For this reason it is become the meeting point for local people and for students of the nearby university.

It is a special pleasure have the choice to listen to the interesting speeches between this wide range of customers and the bar- tender and in, the meantime, the most thirsty  ones can order another ‘ombra’

( glass of wine) or the  so called’ tube’:a special cylindrical glass that can contain a double amount of wine.

There is not any sign outside and the furnishing is quite essential with a cunter made by Carrara marble and the wine carboy at sight with  red wine from Piave river  and there are some pictures on the wall containing typical stories.

You can try the special sandwiches made by arabic bread – the so called ‘bread of the infidels’ filled with mixed vegetable, cheese and ham, or you can try the speciality of the house’ the’ half eggs’or ‘ half chickens’ as called by the onwer, that are the best ones in Venice.

  • Santa Croce 637a, calle Sechera
  • Opening time:
    from Monday to Friday
    9.30 am -08.00 pm
    closed Saturday and Sunday

  • price of the Ombra: 1,00€