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This is the most authentic ‘bacaro’ of Venice. Thanks to Mrs. Luigina and her son Mr. Franco, this ‘bararo’ is run by this family carefully and with a special attention to the customer’s [...]


2018-09-13T10:35:29+00:00Santa Croce's|

It is a new and nice ‘bacaro’ and its name means ‘ make laughing’. Going around in ‘Santa Croce ‘ area you can find this tavern better know aslo as’ chicheteria venexiana’ that is [...]

da Filo

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This ‘ bacaro’ is recent and sometime cuntercurrent. The atmosphere has a strong personality, far from the more stereotypical schemes of the most part of bar of taverns. You can find sofa and book-shelves [...]

Bacareto da Lele

2020-11-04T10:35:08+00:00Santa Croce's|

If you arrive from ‘piazzale Roma’ a break in this’ bacaro’ is a must for those who love ‘bacari’. It is placed in a corner of ‘Campo dei Tolentini’, this tiny tavern is [...]

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