It is the ancient ‘ bacaro’ in Venice and it is said that it is the place where the young Casanova brought his lovers on the first date. Still nowadays is one of the most popular ‘ bacaro’, with an appelling forniture with barrels at sight and it has a lot of good reviews in the guidebooks.

For this reason you can find a lot of turists here and also there are well known wine and a wide choice of appetizers like meatballs, sandwiches and the speciality of the house the so called’ francobollo’, a small sandwiches filled with ham, eggs, gorgonzola cheese, shrimps and much more.

Thera are two main doors: normally turists use the one placed in ‘ calle Do Mori’ where the enviroment is more formal , but if you want to enter with local people, you should enter from ‘ calle Galeazza, where the bar- tender serves his customers with courtesy and passion .

You should ask for the ‘ ombra’ ( glass of wine) of the house and you will be satisfied.

  • San Polo 429
    calle dei Do Mori

  • 041 5225401

  • opening time:
    from Monday to Friday
    8,00 am – 8,00 pm
    Saturday: 8,00am – 03,00pm
    Sunday closed

  • price of the Ombra: 2,00 €