Ai Do Scaini

2018-09-13T10:24:12+00:00San Polo's|

Please take into account that this tavern is not properly a ‘ bacaro’ as the furniture and the food offered are quite turistic, but anyway you should take a break here as you can [...]

Cantina Do Spade

2023-07-20T15:13:57+00:00San Polo's|

In a zone where there are not many taverns, we can find this ‘ bacaro’ featured by a friendly management and typical Venetian cooking so you can find dishes as mutton during the ‘ [...]


2019-03-11T12:29:13+00:00San Polo's|

This ‘bacaro’ is placed in a popular cross, many local people usually arrive here for an aperitiv or during the lunch- time or for having a break after the usual shopping in the near [...]

Osteria alla Ciurma

2023-07-25T11:07:47+00:00San Polo's|

If you love the red wine you can order the’ malbec ‘ of the house, that is excellent. This ‘bacaro’ is small and has a nautical style, it is always overcrowded with affordable [...]

Osteria Ai zemei

2020-10-20T07:53:22+00:00San Polo's|

This ‘ bacaro ‘ is fully covered by photos of twins, where its name comes, some phots belong to the owners, other have been left by the customers over the time. It is featured [...]

Cantina Do Mori

2023-07-20T15:16:44+00:00San Polo's|

It is the ancient ‘ bacaro’ in Venice and it is said that it is the place where the young Casanova brought his lovers on the first date. Still nowadays is one of the [...]

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